Top 4 Best Grout Cleaner Review

You clean your floor everyday yet it seems to keep losing its shine as time passes. This is because your usual tile cleaning solution doesn’t wipe the dirt off from the grout. With every dropping stain and every bit of dust that accumulates in the grout, the grout gets dirtier and makes your tiles appear filthy despite repeated cleaning.

Most people experiment with different home made grout cleaners but end up making it worse. Commercially available grout cleaning solutions work wonders on the grout and make your tiles appear newer and cleaner.

Best Grout Cleaner

1. Ultimate Grout Cleaner by Black Diamond Stoneworks

Ultimate Grout Cleaner by Black Diamond StoneworksIf its been a while since you last cleaned your tiles, avoiding it further won’t do you any good. Its time to bring home Black Diamonds Stoneworks grout cleaner. This cleaner works equally well on grease, food stains as well as soap deposits you see on the walls and floors. Manufactured to wipe out the toughest of stains, this grout cleaner will leave the dirtiest grout clean as a diamond. Works best when used with a grout steam cleaner. Clean grouts give the entire house a fresher and newer look which is otherwise not possible regardless of how frequently you clean your kitchen or washroom.

Coming to the composition, this is an acid free cleaner, so it won’t do any acid damage. Because of this, it won’t work on calcium spots or water spots that you find in your washroom and kitchen. Similarly, it won’t clean the molds in showers. Also, safe for marble cleaning, this makes it a multipurpose cleaner. However, it is always advisable that you do test cleaning on a patch. For best results, spray the cleaner on the grout and wait for around 3 minutes, you’ll be surprised at the new-like appearance of your tiles.

This is the best floor tile grout cleaner you can buy without spending a lot.

OXO Deep Clean Brush SetIn order to get crystal clear grout, the OXO Brush Set would come in handy. Although it may look like a toothbrush, it has an angled surface to provide comfort as you clean. What’s more? It comes with a bristle head large brush and small brush for scrubbing tiles, and a wiper blade to clear up dirt and stains that build over time around drains and crevices. This brush also helps clean nooks and tight spaces in the kitchen including stove tops, sink drains and microwaves etc.

Regardless of how frequently you use it, the brush won’t wear out and lasts several rounds. The only problem you might have with these brushes is their size, that would seem too small when it comes to cleaning the entire washroom/ kitchen. This brush is basically designed to clean up nooks and corners, otherwise not possible to clean with a bigger brush.

2. Aqua Mix Tile and Grout Cleaner

Aqua Mix Tile and Grout Cleaner Looking for the perfect wipeout cleaner for grease? Try the Aqua Mix Grout Cleaner which is a powerful de-greaser when it comes to cleaning heavily soiled areas that have been neglected for long. It is suitable for use on all materials that you could possibly use as floors and slabs, including granite, limestone, marble, slate, ceramic, porcelain, grout and others.

Composed of a highly alkaline material, the cleaner is pretty effective when it comes to removing grease, body oil, soap scum and algae from a variety of surfaces. The cleaner is especially manufactured to get rid of synthetic and acrylic waxes alongside floor finishes. The product not only makes high claims but works exactly as advertised, making you feel like you’re in a TV commercial. The solution is not dilute and works effectively on tough stains. To enjoy a nice and new shine on your tiles, get your hands on this Aqua Mix grout cleaner. Say Goodbye to dirty tiles as you bring home this powerful grout cleaner.

The cleaner can also be bought for cleaning calcium buildups, which are not removed by other grout cleaners. However, it may not turn out to be so effective on water stains, on which an acidic solution would work better.

3. ZEP Grout Cleaner

ZEP Grout Cleaneris the best grout cleaner which is your solution to dirty grouts that you’re tired of seeing. Chances are that you’re too scared of cleaning them as you feel that the dirt would have stiffened on the tiles by now and would require a lot of scrubbing. ZEP grout cleaner works its magic on bathroom and kitchen floor tiles that tend to get dirty and discolored with time. You might not realize how dirty your floor is until you’ve seen the magical results.

The best part about buying ZEP grout cleaner is that you won’t need to exert too much energy on scrubbing the dirt off. The cleaner is also effective when it comes to removing stains from concrete and gives your house a professionally cleaned touch. The solution is bleach free, which makes it safe for colored grout. However, it isn’t recommended for marble, stone and corian. With this powerful grout cleaner in the house, you don’t need to use home made methods for watching that black grout changing to its original color, no matter how old it is.

Usually, it won’t take more than one round to clear up the dirt. However, with tough stains, you might need to apply it another time, though the effort would be completely worth it. We’ve rated it as the best grout cleaner for shower.

4. TECH Grout Cleaner

TECH Grout CleanerLooking for a solution that is mild, yet strong enough to wipe off the dirt from all kinds of grout? Tech Grout is a phosphate free and biodegradable cleaner which is free of any harsh acidic elements. Compared to certain other grout cleaners, the non toxic and mild caustic builders used in it make it totally safe to use. Works equally well on colored and white services, which is why you won’t have to worry about discolored tiles or grout. The solution is very easy to use, once you follow the instructions on the manual, and there would hopefully be no problems involved.

It is completely odorless so you won’t have to worry about the solution leaving behind a certain smell. Although the solution doesn’t need to be diluted with water, but should be rinsed with water for best results. No hard scrubbing is required, though you will need a brush to scrub off tough spots. The grout cleaner would however, not work on black mold, so you would want to get another cleaner if you want to remove black molds.

If your house has a lot of tough stains, you can always use the cleaner with a power steamer, which enhances its effect manifold. The cleaner is reliable and won’t leave behind any residues or spots for you to clean.