reformat my hard disk

Luckily for me I was able to take my PC into the local pc repair shop, and following a fast analytical ( like literally fast, the guy powered it on took you look at the error and said he is gonna have to reformat my hard disk ), he then asked if I’d previously backed up my data at any point before the crash.

Following a very cheeky smile, he advised me not to worry he would have the ability to recover my data and”up it” into the best external hard drive so he could restore it later. That term external hard drive had sparked my interest.

reformat my hard disk

I was somewhat curious to discover how it worked and was getting ready for some very long tech jargon (that I will probably have to go look up following agreeing to what he said). Instead he pulled out this little back box no bigger than the palm of my hands that isn’t very large, and explained all that he needed to do was plug it into the USB interface and following the windows recognises it mechanically, it’s as simple as copying and copy what ever type of information that I enjoy across to the outside drive.

The process to recover my information was a more complicated one (that I didn’t quite fully understand) so that I won’t get into that. But I had been sold on the notion of this small black box that is capable of holding my valuable data, and the process of” up” was as straightforward as copy and paste.


After getting my PC back up an working (big smile), I decided to purchase one of those portable external hard drive (there were also larger sized ones that you can put on your desk, however I enjoy the idea of portable data) for maintaining my data secure.