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backup data to a hard drive

There are two basic ways to backup data to a hard drive: automatic and manual. I’m going to be talking the manual backup procedure for personal files. Let’s begin.

backup data to a hard drive

Turn on your PC and login.

Connect your driveway to your PC using the supplied USB 2.0 cable. If your drive requires external electricity from and AC adaptor then plug that in to.

the best external hard drive will automatically be set up, mounted and also given a drive letter.

Let’s take a look at the drive. About Windows XP open”My Computer”. On Windows Vista open “Computer”. You should now see your external hard drive as another drive.

Backing up a document to a external hard disk is a simple procedure. Open your external drive, select the files and folders that you want to copy and drag them into the external hard disk drive. The files are now copied to the external hard drive essentially backing them up.

Most of your critical information is located in approximately 3-6 folders:

for both Windows 2000 and XP: C:\Documents and Settings\”your username”\. Backup the hyperlinks listed below. Bear in mind, so as to replicate the folders listed below all you need to do is drag the folders to your external hard disk drive and wait for them to be reproduced:

My Documents



for Windows Vista: C:\Users\”your user name”\ Backup the folders listed below:







based on the number of information that you’ve got your backup may take hours or even days to finish.

For many folks, backing up personal data is merely one of the things they’ll never do until they’ve been burned by a tough drive failure. You do not need to be one of them, backup those files until it’s too late!




All computers have at least one hard drive where information is stored. Ordinarily, these are found internally but as computers have evolved external hard drives are becoming a part of computers.

plug-and-play external hard drive

They are actually an outside storage space where sensitive data can be held in a secure and protected environment and they are essentially used as drives.

plug-and-play external hard drive

Spyware, Trojans and viruses all pose security threats to the information when the computer is accessing the world wide web. Also, since computers are frequently used by several members of the family, chances of any sensitive files getting lost or corrupted are large.


Multimedia has become a part and parcel of any computer applications and that takes up a lot of disk space. the best external hard drive may take care of all these requirements. External drives have their own enclosure case beyond the computer and the circumstance is mobile though a little larger than the hard disk it contains.


The external drive is connected to the computer using a high-speed port cable; fire cable and USB will be the most frequent port cables used. This cable is used to pass information to and from the external drive into the pc. The external hard drive may be operated as a plug-and-play device. The user may then get into the outside hard apparatus like the usual inner drive.


Due to its high storage capacity and portability, large sized files can easily be moved to and out of the workplace and home with the portable external hard drive simply by plugging in the interface cable. Data can be transferred from the personal computer to the laptop and vice versa. Thus, if it’s office work which has to be carried home, a working environment can be recreated by only the plug-and-play external hard drive or the user’s preferred programs can be easily transported to and from anywhere to another.


In the event the family members are using the identical computer, a portable external hard disk comes in handy for keeping sensitive information individually from the computer’s internal drive.

market to buy the external hard drive

Any file or document that’s deemed to be overly significant to get accidentally lost or corrupted will probably be better off in the security of an external drive. All programs and data can be obtained by plugging in the external drive and then unplugging it and keeping it away after the job is finished.

market to buy the external hard drive

“When I went to the market to buy the external hard drive I saw that there are dozens and dozens of external drives were present on the marketplace. I had been only get confused. Which one is your best and which one should I purchase?” This is the one of the major question of any person that wish to purchase external hard disk.


If you also had the same question than don’t worry I am here to tell you about the greatest external hard drive which should compete your needs. In this category the best drive I want to indicate you is the Western Digital My Book Essential 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External hard disk. Why only this. Let me clarify you properly with the Assistance of following features:


Characteristic #1 – Stylish appearance


The above mentioned drive comes in modern and trendy appearance. This all new device is organised in Midnight black color with brilliant metal finish. This gives a modernize and trendy appearance. It is designed so great it is very thin and light weighted to continue. The drive is designed so great that it look like a small passport or you can state as a paper publication. It can be obtained everywhere you want by fitting it into your pocket or purse.


The main section of the best external hard drive we look for is its own storage capability. This new device presents you the storage capacity of 1 TB which is a really good one. You can now store your necessary data, secret information with no worry.

excellent portable external hard drive

Collect countless photos, music, videos or your own videos at one place. This will make your life very easy.

excellent portable external hard drive

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard are the best operating systems where it may work smoothly and calmly. When install this device in your PC the working system becomes recognizable to the program and it begins working readily.

This is the principal feature of this gadget. It provides an extremely good base of backup. Whenever you plug it in pc the backup facility is automatically starts and you don’t need to do anything to get the backup. Whenever you add or make some changes in existing files it automatically starts its backup function. This automatic and continuous backup will instantly make a second copy and keep you upgrade every time. At any time you face any problem with the disc you can recover your files in the original location.

This is an excellent the best external hard drive that’s present nowadays in the market. It’s so great in itself that it may provide you whatever you want from any external drive. This will prove to be 100% true to your work. But one problem you may face ion this device is this that in beginning it’s going to take time to operate on because if you plug it, it starts backup office which is time and energy consuming task.

In general, it is the best at this time!


I was fortunate (not really) to have one of those so called”Blue Screen Of Death” moments where apparently some sort of system file got corrupt, or so Windows said and for nothing it would boot into my profile. Obviously, I have not done any sort of backing up in my entire life ( when I first heard the word”back up” I thought it to be a very difficult and tedious procedure which only individuals with technical knowledge could function ) which is the reason why I never really bothered with the task.

phrase external hard disk

Fortunately for me I managed to take my PC to the local computer repair shop, and after a fast diagnostic ( like literally quick, the guy powered it on took you look at the mistake and said he is gonna need to reformat my hard disk ), he asked if I had previously backed up my data at any point prior to the crash.

Following a very cheeky smile, he advised me not to worry he would have the ability to retrieve my information and”up it” into a mobile external hard drive so he can restore it afterwards. That phrase external hard disk had sparked my interest.

phrase external hard disk

I was a bit curious to discover how it worked and was getting ready for a few long technician jargon (that I would most likely have to go appear following agreeing with what he said).

Instead he pulled out this tiny back box no bigger than the palm of my hands that isn’t very big, and clarified all that all he had to do was plug it into the USB interface and following the windows recognises it mechanically, it’s as simple as copy and pasting what type of data that I enjoy across to the outside drive.

The procedure to recover my information proved to be a more complicated one (which I didn’t quite fully understand) so I will not get into that. However, I was sold on the notion of the small black box that is capable of holding my valuable data, and the practice of” up” was as straightforward as copy and paste.


After obtaining my PC back up an working (big smile), I decided to invest in one of the best external hard drive (there were also larger sized ones that you could place on your desk, however I like the notion of portable data) for maintaining my data secure.